The Social Class Rolex Watch Represents!

The Social Class Rolex Watch Represents

People who study watch will always know the Rolex watch. Most of the people who are selecting watch brand, they will think of Rolex watches. Rolex watch is a representative of social class. And which class does Rolex belong to?

For some people, Rolex is their first wrist watch. Before the foundation of Rolex, they had searched their favorite watches in watch markets. However, the result was always unsatisfactory. They could not afford a fine watch but didn't want to buy a low quality watch. And the Rolex watch meets their demand.

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The wearers of Rolex watches have money, but not much. They haven't strong economic strength, and of course, they are not big spenders. They understand that the strength is their feelings. Being indifferent to other people's evaluation, they just keep confident. Certainly, the wearers of Rolex watch has social status, but not so high. They are tasteful and dignified, but not indulge, this is the spirit Rolex watch representing.

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The cost performance of Rolex watches is the most outstanding in the whole watch industry. Its products are luxurious and noble, while the price is affordable. A Rolex watch is suitable for any formal occasions.

In fact, Rolex watch is not the most stylish and trendy watch model. However, its simplicity and generosity make Rolex a luxury brand. Rolex watch has a special attraction to the aged group who experience seccess or failure. The Rolex wearers usually know that there are many goals they can not achieve in their life, such as making more money or securing an higher official position. They know that they have to pay more energy, physical, mental, health in order to get better luxury goods. In a materialistic world, they choose to be content with their current status. In this way, they won't be so tired.

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Generally speaking, people who love Rolex watches are intellectuals. They still maintained an interest in life and freshness, a bit of luxury leisure elegance. They like travelling with several friends or drink coffee and tea with brothers. They have their principle of life.

Rolex watches wearer have high EQ and IQ. Of course, they are more conceited in EQ. They can find the balance point between sensibility and rationality. Wearers of Rolex watches have their own evaluating standards of things and persons, but does not rigidly stick to specific rules. They have their own thinking, but does not pursue deep understanding.

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Rolex watch wears recerve the "relatively satisfactory" evaluation of their life - including quality of marriage. This is their choice. They love the 8-hour working system. The weekends and legal holidays are their own. Rolex watch has distinct class feature. To choose a Rolex watch is to select and express a kind of mood, style, taste and an attitude toward life.
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